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At Dream Global Consult we believe in the power of education and the promise of new horizons. Our mission is to make your dreams of studying and working abroad a reality. Whether you're a student seeking to embark on an educational journey or a professional looking for new career prospects, we are here to guide you in every step of the way. Dream Global Consult not only actively addresses the needs of the students but also creates awareness to take the right call as a part of its process. We provide comprehensive advice about your chosen destination, universities, available programs, admission procedures, accommodation options, and student visa requirements.

Yes, you can. At Dream Global Consult, we encourage each student to discover their passion. We have designated counselling sessions (in person/online) to help you discover your real passion and carve a path that will guide you to reach

In higher education, particularly in a foreign setting, students often encounter challenges such as language barriers, socio-cultural differences, and the adjustment
to new educational methods. These factors frequently contribute to the concerns of both parents and students, hindering the attainment of higher grades and the realization of one's full potential. At Dream Global Consult, we provide guidance and mentorship to help students gain a deeper understanding of these challenges and equip them with effective strategies to successfully adapt and excel in their
educational journey

We're here to support your journey to becoming job-ready. Our assistance includes crafting your resume, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and offering valuable interview and presentation tips. Additionally, we offer tailored guidance on job applications, taking into account the specific requirements of both your industry and the country you're targeting. It's important to note that job-hunting methods can vary slightly from place to place and across industries. These services are available to our students at a nominal fee.

As per the visa requirement, the student is expected to pursue a single major course. Nevertheless, there is flexibility to combine various courses consecutively, either within the same institution or across different institutions. This includes the option of short courses such as one-day workshops or one-week courses (which can be taken during semester breaks). It's crucial to prioritize attendance in the major course as it is a vital component of your visa obligations as a student.

Certainly, it's possible. Numerous universities and colleges offer English pathway programs that serve as bridging courses, allowing you to meet the English language prerequisites before embarking on your intended program of study.

In many instances, the answer is Yes. Multiple universities and colleges provide options for tuition fee reduction or partial scholarships to alleviate the financial burden on students. It's worth noting that the availability of such support becomes evident only after the course application has been submitted, and the final decision rests entirely with the discretion of the institution

This purely depends on the country that you decide to study and the immigration law at the time of your course application. This will be a good question to ask our consultant during your application process.

When studying in a foreign country, it's imperative for the student to secure a valid student visa. Typically, this student visa carries the requirement of full-time enrollment at an institution that is registered with the Ministry of Education of the host country. Consequently, part-time studies are generally not permitted for international students in compliance with these regulations

Certainly. We help the student secure comfortable and affordable accommodation to spend their study-period safely.

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