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Scholarships in Australia

Australia is indeed the world’s leading study destination because of the high-quality academics and the excellent university environment that Australian universities offer. Students from many countries prefer studying in Australia to gain from the wholesome and exceptional experience Australian educational institutions offer. We have considered that scholarships in Australia are a huge help for many students to fulfil their Australian study dream. For this purpose, some of the best Australian scholarships are discussed in detail below.

The Australian government has invested over 300 million dollars in assisting foreign students studying abroad there. To ensure that such scholarships can be gained, students must gain information regarding the available options and apply in time.

Types of scholarships:

Before determining the available options for different scholarships in Australia, it is important to determine the different awards and their types present. The Australian Government has been keen on ensuring that scholarship opportunities for different types of students can be provided.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Such scholarships in Australia are awarded to students based on their academic performance. However, most such scholarships are available at the university level and not directly from the government. Also, a major drawback of these scholarships is that they are tied to academic performance. If the performance falls, the value of these Australian scholarships falls as well.

Faculty & Departmental Scholarships

Similar to merit-based scholarships, these scholarships are offered mostly at the departmental level within the university. However, the main determining factor for such scholarships is students’ academic interest, with certain scholarships in Australia being handed out for restricted fields that most students do not prefer taking.

Accommodation Scholarships

Many international students receive these scholarships to help with their living expenses. In some cases, such scholarships may not be offered monetarily. Instead, the focus would be on providing suitable opportunities or subsidising student accommodation. These Australian scholarships are unique to every region.

Sports Scholarships

Here, students with considerable athletic performance records or who are talented in a certain sport can receive the scholarship. The main focus is to ensure that there is considerable achievement back in their home country to justify the scholarship in Australia. However, the criteria vary greatly for the type, amount, and requirements of the scholarship available on a university-by-university basis.

List of scholarships in Australia:


Australia Awards Scholarships

Previously known as Australian Development Scholarships (ADS), these long-term scholarships are provided as development awards under Australia Awards Scholarships by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Here, the focus is to provide opportunities for people coming in from developing countries, especially those from the Indo-Pacific region, who are pursuing either undergraduate or post-graduate studies at an Australian educational institution. The best part is that this scholarship provides many benefits, including a complete tuition fee, return air travel, contribution to living expenses, establishment allowance, and health insurance coverage. A major requirement here is that the student must be 18 years old at a minimum and intend to return to their country to support its development. Diversity preference is also present here, where the benefit is given to women applicants and people from underdeveloped areas. It is a huge help to students studying abroad in Australia.

Destination Australia Scholarships

The Destination Australia Scholarship program started to ensure that students can prefer studying in the regional areas of Australia. While this scholarship provides opportunities to such students, it ensures that regional areas can enjoy more cultural diversities at their educational institutions. Over 1000 scholarships are offered per year, each amounting to 15000 AUD, which supports living and study expenses. At the same time, such opportunities are available to doctorate-level and Certificate IV students studying in regional areas within Australia.

Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

The Australia Research Training Program enables international students to undertake postgraduate research qualifications in Australia and can work with leading Australian researchers side by side. For this scholarship, the availability period is two years for a Masters’s degree and three years for a doctorate by research degree. This scholarship covers all the health costs and tuition fees. There are many other factors here as well. The student also becomes eligible for the RTS stipend if they are not receiving income from any other source and the general living costs exceed 75 percent of their income. At the same time, the eligibility only applies too approved courses alone and not generally to every course. It is a major Australian scholarship that many students compete for.

Endeavour Post Graduate Scholarship Award

A minimum of 18 years of age is required when their student’s intended program or course beings. At the same time, the student should have received no Australian grant in recent years. This program, offered by the Australian government, is focused on creating strong bilateral ties with the participating countries. Here, the main focus is the professional development of such candidates. Finally, the 1.4 billion dollars that have been distributed to date have helped numerous students complete their studies and make an impact within their home countries as well. Additionally, the number of scholarships in Australia offered to students from Asia and the Pacific has increased over the years!

Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships (AAPS)

These are specific scholarships in Australia by the government for students who originate from the Pacific region. It must be noted that it is a merit-based scholarship, and previous academic achievements and other criteria must be considered to determine the deserving candidates. At the same time, preparatory courses may be required to get the scholarship, and they may be limited to only a year.