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The Dream Global Consult team recognizes that choosing to study abroad can be a challenging decision. We are here to provide guidance and demonstrate the phenomenal benefits of studying abroad. If you have any questions, we are eager to assist and connect you with the appropriate resources to ensure you make the best decision for yourself. This is a journey we understand and appreciate, and we want you to experience and appreciate it too!

Don’t hesitate to shape a positive change for yourself—reach out to our team today.

Step 1: Choose Your Study Destination 

Choosing the country where you want to pursue your studies marks the initial phase, as studying abroad entails more than just a change in courses—it’s a change of country! We will guide based your study and career goals to explore diverse study destinations that best suit your needs.

Step 2: Choose Your Study Destination 

You’ll receive a comprehensive list of institutions in your desired location. Simply explore your preferred field of study and academic level. If there’s anything specific you’re looking for, now is the perfect time to inform us. Are you keen on a particular university? Do you have a preference for a specific location?

Step 3: Apply for Enrolment 

After choosing your desired university or destination, kindly submit your online request to us. One of our education counsellors will reach out to you promptly. Click the link below to register your interest today.

Step 4: The Selection Phase

 We’ll provide you with a selection of courses to review. This list will encompass links to each course’s content, structure, tuition fees, entry requirements, application deadlines, and other essential details. After finalizing your course choices, Dream Global Consult will initiate the application process for your preferred program at your chosen university. We meticulously verify the accuracy and completeness of your documents, and on behalf of the universities, we inspect and certify them. Expect to receive the study acceptance within a swift turnaround time.

Step 5: Apply for Student Visa 

A student visa is a mandatory document required to study overseas. Once your admission to an overseas university gets confirmed, apply for your student visa as soon as possible. The process of acquiring a student visa is not so comfortable and can trouble you in many ways. Dream Global Consult offer a combination of services designed to take the stress and confusion out of the process of applying for a visa, and ensure you adhere to your visa conditions.

Step 6: Arrange an Accommodation

Typically, there are two accommodation options for students – off-campus accommodation and on-campus accommodation. Lots of overseas education providers offer affordable on-campus accommodation options to international students. We are well-versed with all details and norms regarding student accommodation, you can take assistance from us to find a place.

Step 7: Book Your Tickets to Studying Abroad

Next is booking the flight tickets. Dream Global Consult provides a range of services to ensure your travel is safe and enjoyable. We provide Travel Health Insurance, advice on all relevant travel requirements. Contact us today for all your travel needs. Dream Global Consult services tailored to meet specific needs of our students before and after their arrival to Australia including introduction to lifestyle, cultural awareness, public transport, banks, location of university, translation and interpretation services, personal counselling and personal assistance.